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enine99 asked: 3,4,14 and 20..:P

Oh hi Erika

3: Favorite song from every album by Sara Quin?
Under Feet Like Ours: Hype
This Business of Art: Not With You
If It Was You: Want To Be Bad
So Jealous: I Bet It Stung
The Con: Burn Your Life Down
Sainthood: Red Belt
Heartthrob: Shock to Your System

4: Favorite song from every album by Tegan Quin?
Under Feet Like Ours: This Is Everything
This Business of Art: The First
If It Was You: Don’t Confess
So Jealous: Where Does the Good Go?
The Con: Soil, Soil
Sainthood: The Cure
Heartthrob: Drove Me Wild

14: Song on repeat off Sainthood?
Red Belt

20: Has your life changed because of them? if so in what way?
It definitely has! They’ve helped me everyday for the past 10 years and never let me down. They hold a special place in my heart. I can’t imagine life without them, even though they ruin my life ;)

In a relationship with Sara’s ass

Anonymous asked: 1, 19

1: Favorite era?
19: T-team or S-side?
Lesbiserious, s-side.